Experience Kshatra, Find yourself.

It is with this belief that we set out to create a small haven of tranquility in the breathtaking Banjar valley. We offer you a chance to get in touch with nature in a way that you’ve never experienced before – through meditation, farming, treks in the Himalayan foot hills or just relaxing in a hammock with your favorite book for company. And it is by getting in touch with nature will you discover a new you.

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Mr. B S Rana has spent  his life in different places, during collage as a cadet in NCC Air Wing he did 60 hrs of power flying training in different aviation clubs and the mountains have been his friends, teachers and family. He owns and runs Kshatra in the Himalayas and Doli Guesthouse & Rana Swiss Cottages in the Jibhi valley. A regular practitioner and teacher of different schools of meditation, he is also an avid organic farmer and heirloom seed conserver, growing everything from grains and beans to fruits, flowers and vegetables for his family as well as for guests.

Mr. Rana is a licensed travel guide endorsed by the Government of Himachal Pradesh, India, with professional mountaineering training. He has been devoted to eco-tourism and trekking in the area extensively for the past 28 years. With his broad knowledge of native plants as well as local history and customs he will be your personal guide to the area.

Mr. Rana is also chief advisor for the NGO, Envi-Saver, whose primary objective is to save rivers and conserve the natural beauty of the Himalayas.

A wonderful article on Voices of Rural India, covers Mr. Rana’s amazing journey from being a young tourism entrepreneur to becoming the spearhead of conservation and preservation of primitive ways in Jibhi Valley. Click here to read it.


Max Didek

A world champion IFK (Valencia – 2002) and repeated champion of Russia, Max Didek – (Dedic Maxim) is a leading figure in the world of Martial Arts and Kick-boxing. Max went to the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture in Moscow where he did his specialization in Karate and at the same time began studying Kyokushin – Karate Club “Bushido” group Amen Manasian.

A renowned teacher, he has also author projects such as “Kstram” and “Laboratory Single Blow” (Rough translations). Currently teaching specialization in “Kyokushin” at the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Max conducts his annual training camps at Kshatra. To know more about him you can visit: www.superkarate.ru/blog/

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